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Starting a business is the first step to owning a business, however having a successful business requires that you sustain and grow that business to ensure that your business remains alive and benefit your target audience for as long as possible, maybe a century or more. The problem with most business owners is in growing a business. Starting a business may cost you as little as a business name registration and lots of basic, growing your business require you to find customers that will patronize your services or buy your goods for you to stay afloat and remain in business.
Most people in this region get it wrong by thinking that they can do it alone and underestimating the task required in growing one’s business.

Below are five tips to help you on your journey to make your business work.

1. Know your Customers:

in every business, customers are the number one necessity for any business that wishes to be successful. No matter what kind of service you render or what products you sell, you need to identify who your potential customers and how you can be able to get through to them to buy your goods and or services. While this point may seem easy to say, every business owner knows that this is where the bulk load is.

2. Market and Advertise to your Target Customers:

No business can survive without marketing and advertising. You may e wondering why fully established businesses like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, MTN, GLO, and the likes are advertising every day even if they have a fairly good number of customers. Well, the key is out of sight is out of mind. As the owner of a new business or existing business that wish to expand and grow, you need to advertise your business. There are various medium to do this. If you have tried and have gotten a little result, why not contact experts or a marketing organization to help you with this, save time and grow your business stress-free?

3. Have a Website:

Do you have a standard website for your business? It is not enough to have just any kind of website, you need to have a standard website that will work in your favor and not against you. Most shoppers and ‘Business to Business’ patronage go online to check out information about any company that they wish to do business with for the first time. If they can’t find your business or much about your business, you may lose that sale. The worst is when your online presence says negative things about you. This is one reason most businesses remain small or die prematurely. If you want a standard website, please contact an expert in the field of marketing to make one for you.

4. Print and Distribute flyers and Business Cards

Printing and distribution of flyers and business cards have a great potential to bring in sales in the long run but this is for the long term strategy. While this method will make your potential customers aware and informed about your products and or services, it does not necessarily convert to sales or patronage. Still, it should be considered with other methods to make it work effectively.

5. Direct Response and Video Marketing

No doubt, direct response marketing combine various tools to show you what is working and what is not working and also gives you an insight on what to do, in order to act quickly and become profitable. Various tools are utilized in this method including video marketing and explainer videos. A direct response marketing uses a lot of modern tools to measures the impact, response and willingness to buy from your potential audience.


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